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Eight Ball
Progress Log
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January 29, 2006:


I started on re-drawing the playfield image for Eight Ball, which will be my next VPM table.

January 29, 2006:


Moving right along..

January 30, 2006:


More playfield work.

January 30, 2006:


Playfield finshed, for now!.

January 30, 2006:


Started modeling. The playfield and GILights are here.

January 31, 2006:


Walls, posts and rubbers.

February 6, 2006:


Did the plastics and the ball return cover.

February 12, 2006:


Bunch of inserts, and metal guides.

February 13, 2006:


Added pop bumpers, some more hardware, and the cabinet.

February 14, 2006:


Added spinner, top gate brackets, plunger, and re-did the texture
on the upper lane guides. Did a big render, so I can see all the little things I need to fix, and still add.

February 15, 2006:


I think I'm finished modeling. I think the white plastic nuts look a little small. If I can find out their true size I'll change them before I start cutting reel images for the VPM table.

February 15, 2006:


Fooled around in Photoshop today. Working on the backglass.

February 16, 2006:


Made all the walls and posts that the ball contacts in VP. I put the backglass image into a decal that covers the whole background. Then when I place walls, I set them to "Can Drop", which makes them visible on top of the decal. When I am done with them, I will set them to not be droppable, and they will disappear, but still influence the ball.

March 14, 2006:


All Done!