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Twilight Zone Progress Log
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May 12, 2005:


After cleaning up a nice large empty playfield picture, I applied it to a suitably sized cube primative in Truespace 6.6. The lighting is the default new scene lighting. I have also boolean subtracted the "holes". So I have a completely drilled playfield, ready start modeling and adding the parts to the playfield.

May 13, 2005:


Modeled the double and single clear plastic star posts. Placed some in there respective playfield locations. Added some GI  lighting. Modeled the first of many metal ball guides. Spent an hour getting the material shader for the clear plastic star posts right.

May 14, 2005:


Redrew the mini playfield graphic, and modeled the mini playfield base. Added some of the posts to it. In this shot I turned on my single "work" light, and hid the GI light layer, so I don't  have to wait forever for a render, with the 28 to 30 GI lights.

May 15, 2005:


Modeled the brackets, rubber switch caps, and the signs. Put some rubbers on the posts.

May  24, 2005:


More brackets, the plastics and the overhead light. Looks like the mini playfield is pretty much done. Still need to cut holes for the lightning bolts and eye lights, and make the inserts.

May  25, 2005:


Modeled and placed the Pop Bumpers on the table. The plastic on the caps looks a little thick. I may have to redo the caps.

May  25, 2005: Part 2


Re-Modeled the Pop Bumpers Caps. Colored and placed them on the advice of Mr. Hide. Thanks, Mr. H!

May  30, 2005:


Modeled the Slings. Added a few rubbers.

May  30, 2005: Part 2


Modeled the flipper lane guides and plastics.

June  2, 2005:


Modeled the big plastic ramp.

June  11, 2005:


Started to model the gumball machine. I though I'd use a unique way of placing the gumballs in the machine. Since my 3d software has physics based animation, I let gravity do the work. The simulation placed the gumballs in the machine. Click on the thumbnail to see the animation.

July  18, 2005:


Put the gumball machine on the playfield. Started to model the inserts and playfield lights.

July  19, 2005:


Finished the inserts. Check out the door. :)

July  19, 2005: Part 2


Thanks to Cyberdman for providing pictures of the ramp decals.Here's a wip with the decals applied.

July  20, 2005:


Heres a new wip, some detail of modeling I just finished on the end of the long wire habitrail. I think the whole ramp needs to go up higher, as part of it is running into the top of the pop bumper. ;)

July  20, 2005: Part 2


Raised the height of the big ramp/habitrail combo. Adjusted some insert colors.

July  21, 2005:


Started to work on the backglass image. I still have a lot of modeling to do on the table, and when I'm done with that I can drop it into this image, and do some re-arranging.

July  23, 2005:


Spent the day modeling the clock..

July  24, 2005:


Here it is animated. Click on the picture to see the movie.

July  25, 2005:


Added the lights and the mounting bracket to the clock.. Click on the picture to see the movie.

July  25, 2005: Part 2


Here it is in place on the table.

July  29, 2005:


Added the flippers, the center ramp, the right habitrail, and a couple of plastics.

July  29, 2005: Part 2


Dropped the playfield into a cabinet, and adjusted same. Added the DMD plastic on the head, and chose a descent camera angle.

July  30, 2005:


Added the VUK cage, some more plastics, and a couple of the strobes. Also evened out some lighting.

July  31, 2005:


Added the apron, resized the pop bumpers, and added the strobes.

August 1, 2005:


Trying a different angle, showing more of the table.

August 2, 2005:


Modeled the Left lane divider, the big ramp diverter, the double stacked plastics on the lower left side, and the gate bracket on the trough. Also addad some of the small round yellow targets near the pop bumpers.

August 8, 2005:


A very few things left to model. I have started to work on the VP side of things, based on this layout. Sometime before I start cutting reel images, I'll do the final render (not before I finish with some of the modeling details.) I'll then drop the final image into my backglass PSD. In the mean time, I'm having fun building the VPM table. Since I have done a full sized render (2048x1536) to build this image from, if you go to my beauty shots page, at

You can get a full sized and res verion of this pic.

Table finished and released December 7, 2005