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April 13, 2009:


I've started on re-doing my version of Flash Gordon.
This time around, I'm redoing the playfield graphic, which I have started on here.

April 19, 2009:


The lower playfield graphic is done, and here it is drilled in 3D.

April 22, 2009:


Finished the upper playfield and added the GI Lights.

May 14, 2009:


Ribbed posts, rubbers and started on the plastics.

May 15, 2009:


Ramps and a couple more plastics.

May 16, 2009:


All plastics done.

May 18, 2009:


Most of the junk is done. :) Just need to re-draw the apron graphic, and do the inserts and playfield lights.

May 19, 2009:


Playfield lights are done. Just need some more hardware and some fine tuning.

May 20, 2009:


Preliminary backglass image layout is done.

May 21, 2009:


The model is done. Now to do the big renders!

August 25, 2009:


It's done!

August 25, 2009:


Started on the 16:9 cabinet version.

Sepember 13 , 2009:


Here is what the master image looks like prepared for the cutting of the many emreel images.

October 1, 2009:


The cabinet version is done, as well as a v3.1 upgrade to the 4x3 version.