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Circus Voltaire v3.0
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July 29, 2007:


Started re-working Circus Voltaire. Better lighting and textures, and a slightly larger table view.

July 31, 2007:


Re-lighting and balencing almost done. I need to kill some of the reflections on the Ringmaster.

August 7, 2007:


Here is a shot of my master renders, all in different layers in Photoshop. The yellow lines are done with the "Slice" tool, which is usually used to make image maps for web use. The way I use them, I have the grid set to 8 pixels, and I use the slice tool to mark off all the possible emreels, with "snap to grid" on. When I cut from this image, I can use "snap to slice" to accuratly cut out emreel images, with the proper power of 8 bit width and height. You might also notice that I have a bunch of different layers for the neon. I'm going to try to have the color selectable from red,blue,green,orange and purple.

March 21, 2008:


It's done! Go get it......