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Creature From The Black Lagoon Progress Log
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May 17, 2006:


After collecting a LOT of pictures of CFTBL, I decided this must be my next table. I pieced together a really hi-res playfield pic from 6 individual good res pictures, and started modeling.

May 17, 2006:


Did a lot of hole drilling!

May 17, 2006:


Some GI lights, the Hologram window and a still hologram, until I can come up with an animation.

May 23 2006:


Finished the inserts.

May 24 2006:


Most of the large metal guides are done..

June 12 2006:


Popbumpers and the first of MANY ramps done..

June 27 2006:


Orange posts, black rubbers and the sling plastics.

July 3 2006:


Added the center curly ramp, rails and bowl. Also placed the playfield into a cabinet. I'll probably tone down the reflections of the back glass.

July 25 2006:


Added the ball return cover, trough wall, and a few more bits and pieces.

August 9 2006:


Added the 3 signs, the upper habitrail, some more plastics and a couple of flashers.

October 12 2006:


Got sometime to get back to the table. Started the backglass layout. The playfield pic in the image is not the final, as I am not quite done modeling...almost! Also, those who hate the overlays, they can be hidden with a menu adjustment.

October 18 2006:


Added the upper drop ramp, lower right upkicker cage, and the curly ramp lights. Still have to do the plastic ramp from the top to the right side, some plastics and a LOT of hardware (brackets, screws, switches ect.).

May 17 2007:


It's finally done!.